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22nd Sep 18

Fliáng – let´s go!

It starts! Edmund Epple and Wolfgang Hauck start the first paper planes … DATES...
27th Aug 18

TAMAM – Making Of: The Thing with the Dry Ice

Our Fotocomic on the problem of a group of young people from different nations...
24th Aug 18

TAMAM – Making Of: How the automatic machine turns into a foodomat

Our poor, hungry, but unfortunately dangling youngsters are desperate: But they have the saving...
24th Aug 18

TAMAM – More photo comics!

Our media project TAMAM with refugees is going into the next rounds. The principle...
24th Jul 18

TAMAM – First experiments with tape art

In the further course of our media and integration project TAMAM we had a...
1st Jun 18

Exchange of experience at the international level

Directors and heads of the urban project development department in Istanbul are guests of...

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